From Ravensbrück and Hamburg to Sweden – The numbers

Aankomst Malmö en Trelleborg

The table above (click) shows the total number of women who reached Sweden by the data of the so-called Passenger lists. These are the lists that were compiled by the Swedish authorities at the arrival in Sweden. The Malmö passenger lists are kept in the Malmö City Archives under “F7-10”. The arrival list “Trelleborg” comes from the State Archives in Lund. Possible arrivals in other ports such as Landskrona or Hälsingborg are not known.

The lists from the Malmö city archives seem to contain the most reliable data. The names compiled by the Embassy in Stockholm on the arrival of the Dutch women and published in ‘De Fakkel’ (The Torch) have not been fully checked.

The Neuengamme Memorial has created a database based on the registration cards in the State Archives in Lund. This so called “Lund Datei” is extensive and valuable but incomplete and uncertain regarding genus, date of arrival and nationality.

The table “Arrival Malmö and Trelleborg” shows 7340 women from Ravensbrück and 2912 from Hamburg. The women represent approximately 23 nationalities. The division between Ravensbrück and Hamburg is based on the date of arrival. It is not certain that all 7340 women came from Ravensbrück (main and satelite camps ) and all 2912 from Neuengamme satellite camps. In Lübeck women may have arrived from elsewhere, so the origin of the women who arrived in Trelleborg in particular is not certain. The numbers in the table above do not include the 299 French women who left Ravensbrück by action of the ICRC on 5/4/45 via Switzerland to France and 100 mainly Scandinavian women three days later to Sweden.