February 2020 the publisher Verbum issued a book about the ‘Diamond children’. These children are mentioned in the book ‘1945- Destination Sweden’ in the chapter ‘The transport from Hamburg’. The mothers of these children were ‘Diamond women’ who came to Beendorf in December 1944 and from there went to Hamburg in April 1945. In the book ‘1945- Destination Sweden’ ample attention is paid to the mothers and their journey to Sweden. From the children is mentioned that they probably stayed behind in Bergen Belsen. This is confirmed in Bettine Siertsema’s book. The children experienced their liberation by the British forces in Bergen-Belsen. Afterwards they were survivors who grew up in the camp disordered, had great difficulty adapting to normal live after the camp and had to live the longest time with the burden of the camp experiences. The fact that they largely excellently mastered their later lives is a stroke of luck and does not detract from what was brought upon them. See: https://verbum.nl/diamantkinderen/

Author: jansvano

Born 1937 in Amsterdam. Living in Germany near Hamburg

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